New Range of Colours from Stelpro

More Colours, More choices, More Ideas, More Style

STELPRO is proud to offer the largest range of colours to its clients. Corrosion and heat resistant, our paint is of a very high quality and is easily washable, retaining its original appearance for years to come.

For all colour options, please contact your °STELPRO representative.

Heating Cable on Lattice for Concrete

The Optimum & Uniform Heating Solution

STELPRO’S heating cable family is growing with the introduction of its heating cable for concrete. More economical and easier to install than a hydronic system, our heating cable for concrete is ideal for residential and commercial renovation projects. Furthermore, no maintenance costs are required. It’s a concrete solution for floor heating!!!

* easier to install and use than a hydronic system

* concrete slab heating with no liquid or pump

* efficient heating with no air movement making it ideal for people with allergies

* wide variety of lengths

Stelpro ZIGBEE Compatible Electronic Thermostat

Comfort At Your Fingertips

KI™thermostat can easily be integrated into the ZigBee network of your home, allowing you to adjust the temperature in rooms of your home from a distance. Furthermore, when paired with a controller, the KI™thermostat activates scenes, setting in motion several actions such as adjusting the temperature and lighting, activation of safety and entertainment systems and more.

*Control with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

*Energy management modes for increased energy efficiency.

*Personalized scene activation integrates easily into smart home.

*Consumption savings – energy savings of more that 30% with day/night temperature reduction of 4.5°C (8°F).

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